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Wow, this is pretty damn good!
I was kinda echy coming into this, but I liked the FPS, the movements, and the use of sound in this claymation. It was really well done! I especially loved all the creepy grey statues in the middle of it, very great detail and work put into it.
Though things I would improve future works would be background wise, I felt that the background could have been something a little bit more, like a empty black void rather than a stone wall I think would have been a better choice for the scene.
And are you sure about that E? This would haunt many kids for a many days.

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It's a good small flash game. Nothing special.

Made 57.

Benjaminsen responds:


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I really liked the instruments, they were executed without flaw! The intro blew me away, and kept that way throughout the song.
But I'll be honest, the vocals were not really that good. It makes me imagine a D&D fan trying to sing along to his favourite Metallica song while fighting a necromancer, or just JonTron trying to sing metal. But credit where it's due, those lower vocals were awesome, and I would have loved it if they were utilized for the whole song.
For vocals, I think for the best way to make the voice better, it would help to either use a Reverb/Echo, to try and either change the pitch of the voice or put more notes on different octaves, and to utilize the ability of putting different intensities into the voice, like some parts could be sharp without a bass boost, and yelling with a huge bass boosted tone.
But keeping rocking dude, those riffs are great!

AiltonNeto responds:

Awesome feedback, buddy! I will do more Reverb/Echo and PitchShifting as the time goes by! That interaction was awesome, and if you entered in a D&D world, my mission was succeeded! You sure have to check out Rhapsody's music, they are superb!

Have an awesome week and stay heavy and awesome! \m/, ^-^ ,\m/


I'm tripping out!

Good sound!

NekoMika responds:


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Much cute.

It feels ironic as this is a wood chipper made from chipped wood.

Really good design overall!

I feel like it needs more decorations though.

And hell this was 5 years ago? How has it not gotten any comments yet?

I'm working on my games right now silently, I'll update my profile when I have a clear vision on where I will put my efforts, but for now, I'll be uploading all my music here because Soundcloud is not as reliable with upload limits.


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